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Getting to know us

Rock Rose Digital (RRD) is a freelance digital marketing company, specialising in social media and copy writing. Founded and solely operated by Jen Eastwood, we're a dynamic brand who view client relationships as partnerships. As cheesy as it is to say, we're the kind of folk who personally invest a little bit of ourselves into who we work with, treating your investment as if it were our own. 

Since founding we have gained clients on a local, national and international scale. Prior to that, we have 2 years experience within a full service digital marketing agency, before deciding to put our passion and drive into our own brand. We're extremely proud of all that we have achieved and learnt on our journey so far.

Our life before the world of digital includes 12 years within the hospitality industry, working up to management level in Michelin star establishments. Our entire working career has been results driven, customer focused, with a nod to PR, giving us an intuitive & empathetic radar for customer requirements as well as a keen eye for detail.

Our working style is completely transparent. We don't do anything we haven't explained and you haven't given the nod of approval to. We understand outsourcing any part of your business can be difficult; especially the element most visible in the public domain. We show you our thought processes throughout our working partnership, and take every care to ensure you are completely happy before anything goes live.

We'll never market ourselves as a "social media expert". Honestly? We don't think such a thing exists. This industry is constantly changing with updates, new platforms and trends to keep up with - no one can know EVERYTHING. (Not even Stephen Hawkin professed to being an expert in his field, because there was so much more to know.) We love the digital world keeps us on ours toes and always keeps us learning. It's where we find a lot of our passion! We promise to dedicate a chunk of our diary every week to R&D, ensuring our fingers are on the pulse and we're using the best practises on your campaign.


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Behind the brand

To help you know who you're investing in, here's a little more about our founder, Jen:

  • Born 10 April 1988, Wirral

  • Technically classed as a millennial, which she hates (despite her brand's appearance and concept)

  • Loves red wine and cheese

  • Scared of Bugsy Malone

  • Mental health advocate & proud feminist

  • Accidentally created a viral cheese based Brexit campaign that went from flippant instagram comment to being chanted outside Westminster in a week

  • Once bought Lionel Ritchie a smoothie maker (true story!)




Our brand values 

What do we believe in and stand for?

data re-investment

RRD believes in the power of insight marketing - using as much data as we can collate about your customers, competition and trends to fuel efficient and successful social media campaigns. This data will be available for you to utilise throughout all areas of your business.

up to date

RRD believes in keeping up to date with changes, updates and trends within the world of digital marketing. We want to ensure our practises are current, with a finger on the pulse attitude to being fully informed so your campaigns won't go stale. (Basically, we're pretty nerdy!)


RRD believes in making the work we do accessible and understandable to our clients. We avoid baffling you with jargon and technical terms, instead explaining the work we do,imparting some knowledge on the way. We believe this approach is mutually beneficial for both of us to manage successful campaigns.


RRD passionately believes cake, biscuits or any other snacks should be present at meetings. (Most important one of them all!)


RRD believes in transparency in results. We are extremely results driven, always seeking to better a campaign and improve on the work we do. We track campaign outcomes, giving you the reassurance of where your investment is going, you're making a return and you're getting the desired results. 

Ethically Grown rose

We may be a sole-trader, but that doesn't mean we can't do our bit for the environment and wider community. We reduce our waste, have reusable coffee cups and water bottles and recycle waste but mostly use a paperless system. We also aim to support other local independents as much as possible. 


Girl Power

We've done our time working in male dominated industries. Now, as a female lone-ranger in business, we're all about championing and supporting other women. You could call us feminists, but really, we just love bigging up our bad-ass sisters and the incredible things they're doing - it's ALL about a bit of GIRL POWER.

We're Co-Founder of co-working and networking community in Shrewsbury; ‘Ladies, Laptops & Lattes’, with monthly events and hugely supportive network of fabulous local ladies. Get involved >> HERE <<

We adore bringing to the forefront of conversation the career journeys of women in all sorts of industry, in any stage of their career. At the moment this is done through our blog, in the ‘HerStory’ editions. This is getting a big 2019 upgrade and will soon be returning as a different media. Stay tuned! If you’d like the opportunity to share your story to the world across our channels, get in contact! We’d love to hear from you!


Within a few hours of my consultation I felt I had a deeper understanding, with plenty of hints and tips to better manage my accounts and save me time. Would definitely recommend!
— Karen Turnock, Director horsebox65


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We offer free, no-obligation preliminary consultations to everyone. If you fancy a chat about your digital offering or see how we can work together, drop your details below and we'll be in touch soon!

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