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All about Rock Rose Digital…

As a brand, born in January 2018 and based in the beautiful market town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, West Midlands. Rock Rose Digital is solely me - Jen Eastwood - freelance social media marketer & copy writer.


My digital marketing journey officially started 4 years ago, spending 2 years as account manager with a small digital agency before taking the leap to start up on my own. But before then I had handled the online presence for several different brands in my previous career of hospitality. A career spanning over 12 years, working in independently owned boutique hotels and restaurants, ending my career on a high managing a Michelin star restaurant in 2015.

My entire working life I’ve been people focused, proving the effort to form solid relationships with customers has a huge impact on a business and their return revenue. I’m empathetic, a good listener, passionate about the work I do, focused on delivering meaningful results, always striving to keep my finger on the pulse and up-to-date with latest trends.

So far, I’ve been exceptionally lucky to work with some incredible clients. An international life coach launching her first e-book and personal brand, a national gym franchise landed from Australia needing help with social media strategy and email marketing, as well as a gorgeous diverse selection of passionate local small businesses.

My life-long passion for people really shines in working with other heart-centered businesses. I truly believe people buy into the person behind a brand as much they do the product. I love helping my clients take a deep dive on their brand values, their reasons for starting and working with them to shape something truly unique around their business.

I’m super proud I’ve have achieved a lot with Rock Rose Digital already. In September 2018 I was asked to be an official advocate for the Royal Society of Public Health’s debut Scroll Free September Campaign, highlighting the necessity of mindful social media usage. More recently, in January 2018 I won Jacqueline Gold’s coveted women in business #WOW Competition.

Rock Rose Digital Founder Jen Eastwood. Shrewsbury, Shropshire based social media manager, social media consultant, copy writer, marketing mentor.

Rock Rose Digital Founder Jen Eastwood. Shrewsbury based Social media freelancer, social media manager, social media consultant, copy writer and marketer.

Behind the brand…

To help you know who you're working with, here's a little more about me outside of the digital world:

  • Born 10 April 1988, which technically makes a millennial (cringe!)

  • A proud northern bird, originally born on The Wirral where my parents still live. Although I’ve managed to lose most of my accent thanks to living across most of the north of the country.

  • Moved to Shrewsbury in August 2018 (for love, yuk!)

  • I adore red wine and cheese. Pig. Muck.

  • Jumped out of a plane raising over a grand for Mind Mental Health - something I am hugely passionate about and a big advocate for after my own experiences

  • Super scared of Bugsy Malone (I don’t know why)

  • Proud feminist and supporter of female empowerment, especially in the world of business

  • In 2016 I accidentally created a viral cheese based Brexit campaign. It went from flippant instagram comment to being chanted outside Westminster in a week. OOPS!

  • I once bought Lionel Ritchie a smoothie maker (treat me to cake and I’ll tell you the story)




My brand values 

What do I believe in and stand for?

mental health

My own mental health struggles have fuelled and shaped how Rock Rose Digital has grown and the types of clients I choose to work with. As much as possible I promote positive steps to fight stigma and manage the impact social media can have on our health

Girl power

Not a lot is more powerful than a group of women coming together & sharing ideas. I champion other female entrepreneurs, telling their stories & advocating their work. If you’re local to Shropshire, join my women in business community Ladies & Laptops

Ethically Grown rose

Being a sole-trader, doesn't mean I can't do my bit for the environment and wider community. As much as possible I reduce, reuse and recycle in my daily operations. I also aim to support other local independents through my meetings and events 


Within a few hours of my consultation I felt I had a deeper understanding, with plenty of hints and tips to better manage my accounts and save me time. Would definitely recommend!
— Karen Turnock, Director horsebox65


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