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Brand Vision Consultancy

It takes an incredible amount of time, effort and investment to start business and get it generating an income. It would be such a shame if oversights at the very heart of your journey impacted on sales and business growth.

Conveying a clear and concise message to the wider world is one of the toughest parts to running a business. Sometimes, it's not about what you want, but what your customer needs. Just because you want a pink logo, doesn't necessarily mean its appropriate; this is the same with EVERY ASPECT of your business. How often do you walk in your customers' shoes? It's ALL about the customer journey.

In our time working in other customer focused industries, we've been on that customer journey, putting ourselves in their shoes and seeing things through their eyes. We know what they're looking for, how things appeal to them and we're incredibly tuned into their thought process; anticipating any questions or forks in the consumer road.


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Rescue remedy 

This service is really we live out our name of being a rescue remedy. Our brand vision consultancy is great for:

NEW BUSINESSES wanting to make sure they're hitting the mark before they go live

ESTABLISHED BUSINESSES looking for advice on where there might be sticking points in the customer journey, restricting growth



Break it down... 

What exactly does this mean we can help with?


More than just logos and colours, this the complete package of how your brand is visually represented; make sure it's hitting the mark

Customer Journey

From the initial point of enquiry, right through to post-sale - what path are you sending your customer on? Is it logical and clear?


Are you using the best methods on and offline, too much, not enough? We'll help channel you in the right direction

business plan

It's easy to get giddy and run before you can walk. Are you ready to be adding extra facets or are you making work hard for yourself? 


Are you selling in the best way using the most appropriate method? Are you using offers to drive sales or boost them?

Goal setting

We've all got goals and have vision for where we want our brand to go. We can help you work out the steps needed to get there


In setting up my business, RRD’s knowledge and vision has made it a huge success, but their attitude and drive has made it happen with ease.
Highly recommend!
— Nadine Webster; Personal Trainer


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