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I’m Rock Rose Digital, it’s lovely to meet you!

Rock Rose Digital does heart-centered digital marketing, for heart-centered small businesses. I deliver authentic, purpose-led and people-focused social media management, social media consultancy, copy writing and live event coverage on a freelance basis, based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

I believe marketing can be affordable and manageable for anyone, no matter their budget, stage of business or experience. This is why I have carefully developed my services to suit business owners looking for ‘Do It With You', ‘Do It For You’ or ‘Do it Yourself’ approaches to social media marketing.

In this digital age, social media profiles and websites are the modern day ‘Shop Front’. And just like real life shops, first impressions really count! My experience and expertise give you the keys to a successful and thriving online presence. Together we’ll work on processes for you to develop a strong identity, attracting your dream customers, building you a loyal & engaged community around your brand. How great does that sound?!

I could spout the cliched “Every business is different” line (which is true), but behind every business is a business owner and that’s who I work with. We all have our own values, journeys, ways of learning and paces we want to work to. I take the time to get to know these bits about you and deliver services best to suit you as much as your business.

One of the best bits of advice I ever had for business was to only work with clients I could have a drink with. Whilst I’m not taking you for a dinner date (yet), I am taking you on a personal journey to develop your business. I see all client relationships as partnerships, and to get the best from each other we have to be able to work well together, share similar values, and a love for tea & cake.

If you think I sound like the freelancer for you, I would LOVE to get to know you and your business. Fill in the contact form below or send an email to and let’s see how we can make magic happen together!


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Whats my name?

Rock Rose Digital (n.)

1) Beautiful but resilient ever-green shrub, commonly used as a herbal rescue remedy.

2) ‘Rock’ is my Nan’s maiden name, something I’ve wanted to keep alive

3) Also happens to be my favourite gin



What I do…

SOCIAL MEDIA Consultancy

My most popular service - a ‘Do It With You’ approach to social media marketing. This is ideal if you want to do your own social media, but need guidance on what to post, help building your skills and someone keeping you accountable to the action plans.

live event coverage

Hosting or attending an event is a great way to get some live action content on your social media channels. But sometimes you need an extra pair of hands. I will be just that, managing your profiles for the event, capturing the best bits so you can be present & enjoy!

social media management

The full shebang, the 'Do It For You’ solution. Hand over the social media reigns, reassured your online presence, business growth & reputation is being taken care of. This free’s up your time and energy, meaning you can focus your efforts on what you do best within your business

Tutorials & workshops

Working with people, helping them better understand my world of social media and digital health is a huge joy. I deliver regular workshops on different topics through Rock Rose, but can also bring this content into your business to train up your team. Check out my events page for more info

Copy writing

Don’t let your words let you down! Good copy writing is effortless and natural. Bad copy writing can feel awkward and put a potential customer off completely. I offer B2B and B2C copy writing, with an interest in health & well-being, social impact, mental health and purpose-led projects.

Bespoke packages

All of my packages are bespoke. Truth is, this little heading was just a filler to keep my page pretty and symmetrical!

If you’ve got other ideas for what you think you need and how I might be able to help, fill in the form below and let’s have a chat


Rock Rose Digital’s commitment to bringing a personal touch to their company ensures their clients feel more like part of a family than just a business relationship”
— Jacqueline Gold CBE


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