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Christmas content ideas

For most businesses, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the key consumer window to maximise on your sales and finish the year on a high.

For optimum success, careful planning and utmost effort have to be put in early. With it being 1st November today, Halloween decorations are being taken down and being replaced with tinsel faster than Santa can fall down the chimney. If you’ve not got a strategy in place for festive fun yet, now is the time for planning, organising and getting a bank of content ready. Because in a couple of weeks you’ll be too busy, and by December it’ll be far too late!

Need some ideas? Here’s a few of our favourite Christmas content ideas:

1) Advent calendar to showcase products

There’s a 24 day countdown from 1st December to the big Christmas Day. Generally, advent calendars are chocolate, or if you’re really fancy you’ve got one with beauty products or gin in. Who says they’re just for people though and not brands? Utilise the 24 day “window” as an opportunity to show case different products or elements of your services. Get some amazing product imagery done, or some beautiful branded graphics and use it as a prime time to educate and inform your followers about the best parts of your brand. Why not add a touch of mystery to it, with a “reveal” of some kind.

2) Advent calendar of offers & giveaways

Same principle but instead of showcase products, why not spread get in the Christmas spirit and spread a bit of festive cheer giving your followers a different offer on each day. Start small on the 1st and build up to a big giveaway or offer not to be missed by the time you close for Christmas. If you’re really creative you could use it to build engagement and momentum about your brand. Why not have the offer or giveaway only available to the same number of people as the date? And think about how make it interactive and fun - e.g. 3rd December: “The first 3 people to sing Jingle Bells in the shop gets….”. It’s Christmas, you’ve got an artistic license to get a bit silly!

These two options are great to get planned out and scheduled into a social media management platform early, meaning you can focus on those sales!

3) Give something back

Christmas isn’t the most wonderful time of year for everyone, and it’s a great time to be charitable whilst everyone is the spirit of giving. Find a local charity close to your heart or homeless shelter to support. One great way to do this is a reverse advent calendar - instead of giving your customers offers, add items into a box for a shelter or charity each day and donate it on Christmas Eve. You could also encourage participation from your customers by having a donation drop off either for items or money. Doing this humbly and genuinely is key - bragging about “doing good” doesn’t win any friends.

4) Say thank you

How often do we reward our loyal customers, or the people behind the scenes who make our business possible? Maybe your accountant has been an absolute hero, or you’ve had a customer visit you every week without fail? Showing genuine appreciation for those special folk who keep you going - financially or otherwise - is exactly the kind of Christmas gifts we should be giving!

5) Special offers

Christmas is time to maximise on sales, so putting on loads of offers and heavy discounts isn’t going to make your accounts happy. However, if you’re planning on fresh stock in the new year and you can use Christmas as a way to clear current products ready for a fresh start leaving minimal units to shift in the January sales. If you’re a service based brand, why not group a few services together as a bundle and encourage people into trying something they wouldn’t have normally. It could wet the appetite for them trying it again in the new year.

6) January bounce back

It’s not just the Christmas customers we should be thinking about, it’s the ones who come back in January to keep us warm in the winter months. Think about offers and promotions you can reward December customers with, encouraging them to return to you in January. Discounts, or additional freebies always work well. Rewarding their loyalty is key setting yourself up for a successful start to 2019.

7) End of year round ups

Remember those round robin letters people would send over Christmas, gloating about their year? Does anyone still send those? Rounding up your year as a business doesn’t have to be all boasting. People love genuine humanity - it’s great for building trust and an authentic connection with your community. Be honest. Talk about the highs, talk about the lows, give thanks to your team, your customers and give a little tease into what you’ve got in store for the new year.

8) Festive photo competition

Everyone loves a selfie, and as much as we hate the descriptor “Instagrammable” you can’t deny the power of the platform. If you have a physical shop, get a feature wall set up or a selfie station with something suitably festive which your customers will want to get involved in and have their picture with. Imagine the power those pictures will hold when they spread to your customer’s followers…

If a real life selfie station isn’t possible, why not hold a product photo competition online, with the best image winning something for them to use in January. Get your own unique hashtag for it worked out so you can properly track entries.

For all of these ideas, the effort you put into sowing the seeds NOW will hugely pay off next year.

Need a hand putting some ideas into action? Drop us a message and we’ll love to get our festive on with you!

jen eastwood