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Why we don't offer 'Instagram Growth' packages

As the song goes 'You can't buy love' and the same goes for followers. 'Growth' in the social media world is ultimately denoted by the number of followers an account has. The more you have, the more successful you will be. Right? And the sooner you get higher followers, the better. Yes? This blog is going to be exploring 'Instagram growth', debunking a few myths and giving a few home truths about gaining followers.

The world of influencer marketing has grown so rapidly that brands have struggled to put procedures and processes into place to check and test an Instagram account's validity. If you look closely (doesn't even have to be all THAT closely in some cases), it's abundantly obviously that the vast majority of Influencers have bought a proportion of their Instagram following. Pulling the proverbial wool over brand's eyes all in the name of getting collaborations. 

Brands however are now wising up to this deception. We are seeing calls by large corporations like Unilever, for more rigorous testing being put into place, to improve the integrity and trust before it's too late . You can read more about that here.

Aside from packages to buy 'x' amount of fake followers, there are other social media managers and brands who are selling packages to build "genuine followers" over time. This is mainly using the technique of following accounts and after a few days un-following any who aren't returning the favour. Rinse, repeat. Whilst this can help to give a little boost every now and then if needed, it certainly isn't a technique to be relied upon for long term relationships and brand loyalty.

Not only is it pretty tedious; there's no guarantee of success. You could spend hours following and un-following accounts with only a very minimal return following you back out of polite obligation. There's also no guarantee of how long they'll stick around for, how much they'll engage in your brand and of them converting into customers.

Let us ask you this. Would you rather:

  • 100 people in your shop
  • 20 talk to staff about products
  • 10 people buy
  • 1000 people in your shop
  • 10 chat to staff about products
  • 1 person buys

The same applies to your Instagram account. You might have thousands of followers, but if they're not responding to your content and not giving you a return on your efforts - what's the effing point?

So...'how the hell DO I grow my followers'? is probably what you're thinking right now. To get REAL followers, that are going to have a REAL impact on your business, you need to focus on a lot more than follower stats, which really are just vanity metrics. Just like a machine - each cog has to be doing its fair share to make things work. You can't focus all your efforts into just one thing and hope you'll get the result you want.

Here's our top 3 tips on what you should be considering:

  1. CONTENT - Are your images and videos high quality? Are they aesthetically pleasing? Are they encompassing of your brand theme? Are they relevant to your brand and the story you're trying to tell? People won't follow you if you're posting garbage!
  2. RELATIONSHIPS - Connect with your followers. Use your captions to tell your story, be emotive, be honest, be funny; most of all be genuine. Ask questions, get opinions, build rapport with who follows you. The more likes and comments you get, the more your post is seen and so you'll work your way up the algorithm food chain.
  3. VISIBLE - How are you making sure you're being seen by your target audience? Are you adding a location? Are you tagging in brands, people you've networked with or other key accounts? Have you got a solid hashtag strategy? These will all put you right where you need to be! (We'll be talking about the haphazard world of hashtags in our next social media blog.) 

In short, growth packages don't exist. If you want REAL customers, you've got to be REAL.


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