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What to expect when you outsource your social media to us...

Outsourcing any part of your business is a big test of trust, especially when it comes to your marketing. Handing over the reigns to the part of your brand that's most in the public domain is something we don't take lightly. We take the time to make sure you're fully understanding of the work we're doing and that we share the same vision; priding ourselves on that personal service. Here's a little about what you can expect when you enquire with us for managing your social media campaigns.

1) Initial meeting(s)

We see all working relationships as partnerships (cheesy, we know!). We firmly believe we'll get the best out of your investment in us if we both share a similar work ethic, vision for your brand and ultimately if we get along. Building our relationship, as well as getting a full understanding of all aspects of your business, and your vision for the future isn't going to happen in a 15 minute chat over the phone. Although we aren't location specific in who we work with, as much as possible we meet our clients face to face or failing that Skype. We also don't put time limits on our meetings - we could be chatting for hours before a revelation comes out about a part of the business you might have thought obvious (for example) and we'd never want you to feel rushed in making a decision about us as a service. If it takes an extra meeting, that's what it takes (we never pass up an excuse for a brew and cake!). The best of relationships take time to forge and we're willing to make that investment.

2) Formalities

You've met us and not been put off by our wild coloured hair - what's next? We'll pull together some preliminary ideas for you and a quote. All of our quotes are bespoke based on the number of accounts we'll be managing, how much content you'll be providing versus how much we'll be creating and the amount of hours we'll be working on your account. We'll also send over a copy of our 'Terms Of Business' which can also be found here. This is just a bit of reassurance on both sides that we'll look after each other, as business-folk should. If you're happy for the initial ideas to be developed into a more formal strategy, and you've signed the business agreement - then an invoice will be raised for initial payment. All monthly retainer clients require pre-payment (like you do with insurance or rent). This secures the time to work on your brand into our diary. No payment, no work - it really is that simple.

3) Now the hard work starts...

Payment is in, time is booked into our diary, now things get serious. We'll most likely pencil in a more formal meeting at this point. This will be to get every single detail from you about all aspects of your product or service, precise objections, what you've tried before that has/hasn't worked, what EXACTLY you want to achieve from your social media. At this point, you'll probably be sick of the sound of our voice (and full on tea and cake!). Fortunately for you, we'll go quiet about now whilst we're researching direct competitors, industry leaders in your field and making plans. Using all of the information we've collated, a strategy will be produced for us to base your campaigns on.

Once you're fully understanding and happy in what we have planned, we'll get this signed off and start building content (i.e. the imagery, graphics and text we'll be outputting across your social media accounts). We'll ask for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have to do with your business to be put into a shared folder, just so we can see what we've got to work with and take things from there. We like to make sure we've got a large bank of content to work with before we get going.

You wouldn't build a house without a plan and without ensuring you've got all of the correct materials to hand or at least ordered for when you need them. This stage is laying the foundations for your social media. It can seem laborious and we know you're keen to get going - we really do make sure we've dotted all our i's and crossed all our t's, to minimise issues or misunderstandings after we've gone live.

4) And we're off!

Strategy signed off, content bank built and signed off. NOW we'll ask you for your social media login details (YES only now!). We estimate from signing our business agreement, to going live is about 3-4 weeks, but if things run smoothly and plenty of content is provided it can happen quicker. We schedule all work to go live through social media management software so nothing will get missed. Depending on how dynamic your business is we schedule 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks at a time.

How involved you want us to get in your accounts is down to you and this is reflected in our costs. We can schedule all work and leave the rest to you, we can get involved in community management (i.e responding to likes and comments) and we can also offer reputation management (messages, and first line complaints). Let us know what works for you and we'll make it happen!

5) On-Going

Now you're live, we'll need to be kept up to date with all the happenings of your business. We'll produce a content document to be completed on a timescale determined by how dynamic your business is. We often say from this point, to see us as a member of your sales team. We need to be fully in the loop of your products, services, offers, events, announcements etc in order to sell your business. This allows us to clearly prepare for any competitions or seasonal events you may want to take advantage of. It's really important we get this information on time for us to produce any necessary graphics, optimise the content and get it all scheduled so there isn't a pause in content going out.

All social media management clients have their strategies reviewed quarterly. We'll have a look at successes, improvements, seasonality, events, anticipate any dips in trade which we could help alleviate. Also, with trends, updates and technology moving SO FAST, it allows us to ensure you're accounts are running to best and most up-to-date practises. Throughout managing your profiles, we'll be keeping an eye on all the data about your customers which is collated by our software. We re-invest this data into following strategies to strengthen the work we're doing. No bad can ever come from learning more about who your audience is!

We're systematic, methodical and (try to be) as organised as possible. We know this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. But if you do choose to invest in our services, we can promise an honest and trusting working relationship, with a digital agency who GENUINELY wants to see their clients succeed and are personally invested in helping them do so. For as long as we work together, we'll be a huge advocate for you and your brand looking for opportunities to network you with our contacts and championing the work you do. It's likely we'll draw on our customer service and hospitality skills offering customer journey advice for other areas of your business, if needed. And we'll always be on hand to ask nerdy questions to! We're a sole trader and don't outsource ANY of our work - what you see is what you get.

If you have any questions about how we operate, or if you want to schedule in some coffee and cake, please drop us a message. We'd love to hear from you!



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