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Yes, that's right, we've jumped onto the 'Blog-Wagon'! Here you can expect a little digital marketing, a few tips for breaking from the 9-5 and going self-employed. Mainly, though, we'll be using our blog as a platform to champion some of the incredible women in business we are privileged to know and the stories behind their brands.

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Digital First Aid: How I keep my social media sanity

Recently, we were approached by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) to become an advocate for their Scroll Free September campaign. Of course we said YES!

This is a campaign which is the first of it's kind; helping us reflect on the affect social media is having on our lives and in particular our mental health.

We've written a blog for them about the importance of 'Digital First Aid' and how we maintain our social media sanity whilst we work with it every day.

Read all about what we have to say: HERE

We run a course on 'Digital First Aid', drawing attention to just how much it's involved in our lives, the effect it's having on our health and what we can do about it, offering some really adoptable lifestyle changes to make an instant impact. For more information about these, drop us a message :)



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