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5 reasons why you need a strong brand identity

Think branding, and I’m sure logos, brand colours and fonts spring to mind. But it goes so much deeper than that. Sure on-screen it’s focused on the visual. But offline, it’s establishing a set of standards which you operate with - your USPs, your brand values, your tone of voice, your customer journey, processes, relationships you form with your customers and company culture. It’s your brand’s DNA and to have ultimate impact has to be strong and consistent at each and every point of your business. But why?

1) Creates trust & loyalty

Like in a real life relationship, trust is something built over time and only through consistency of behaviour. People have to believe you, understand you and be on your team before they can invest time and money on your brand. Build trust, build a community, build sales.

2) Brand awareness

Keeping a consistently strong brand allows for familiarisation - the more they see it, the more they feel they know you. They may not buy from you straight away, they may not buy from you themselves. But when the call is there for the thing you do, you’ll be the first one that comes to mind. This in turn leads to brand recognition - you will be what a customer actively seeks out when needing whatever you do.

3) Set expectations

A strong brand delivers a clear message about who you are and what you do. In a digital world where people first discover or research us on social media - make those first impressions count. Any gaps in the delivery of your identity and leaving it in the hands of the potential customer to fill them. Don’t let someone else’s judgement shape who you are in their heads. Set those expectations, own it & take control!

4) Attract & repel

Imagine only getting enquiries and leads from your perfect type of customer, being able to focus all of your energy on giving them the best service possible. No time-wasters, no difficult ones, no bad apples (we all know the ones). Setting expectations about who you are and what you’re like to do business with attracts and repels. It attracts the folk who want what you do and understand your message, the ones who share your values and your vision. It also sends a message which repels the ones you don’t want. How blooming good would that be!

5) Credibility

You can’t deny it, if a brand is strong and consistent in their marketing it really looks the dog’s doodahs and you want to hand them your money. The attention to detail and effort you give your social media is a direct reflection on the attention to detail and effort you put into other areas of your business. Want to be the best? Look the best!

Need a hand shaping your brand identity? Drop me a message!Whilst I don’t do the design stuff, but I can recommend you some wonderful folk who do! I can help you better understand who you are as a business, how you want to shine and how to show off your special bits.

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