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What is Google My Business, and why does it matter?

The nice folk at Google have created loads of amazing free tools for us business owners to use and help us become more visible. Google My Business is one of them.

But what is Google My Business and why does it matter?

Google My Business (GMB) is pretty much a directory listing for your business on Google. If someone searches for your business name, a box on the left with basic information about your business will show up. It also puts you on their map, so if someone searches say ‘Social media Shrewsbury’, you have a little red spot in your location alongside all of the other similar businesses in the area.

Having a GMB account is a great way to make yourself more visible and getting more eyes on your business. It’s good customer service, as a lot of people are likely to turn to Google when they need to search for more information about your business or look for folk who offer what you do. It’s also a quick and easy way to boost your credibility and gain reviews. Winner!

But is this complicated and time-consuming to set up?

Nope! Setting up a GMB profile is super simple!

Head to Google My Business starting page, and follow through on all of the instructions. If you get stuck, Google’s customer service support is some of the best around so they’ll be able to help. Treat it as you would any other social media page or directory - the more complete and thorough your information is, the less potential there is of losing people because they couldn’t find answers. It’s all about keeping that friction to a minimum!

You do have to register your business to a proper address in order to a) confirm you are who you say you are and b) give you a lovely red dot on the map (it’s all about the red dot!). They’ll send a postcard to your chosen business address with a code for you to enter into the profile to complete set up. Yes. Google send you post, it’s magical!

Once it’s live, you can either leave it as it is - a directory listing. Or, it actually has the functionality to be updated with news, new posts, pictures, events and more. It can become another place, like social media, to shout about what you do, why you’re amazing and why people should choose you over competitors. Because it’s such an undervalued and underused tool, a little effort here can go a long way.

Anything else you need to know?

Up until recently, your GMB profile would have sat under a URL of messy gobbledygook. But in June 2019, they added the useful function of setting your own ‘Short Name’ - i.e. the end of your URL. Like on Facebook. your business page will be, you can now do the same for your GMB page. This makes it really easy for customers current and new to find you.

It also means you have a nice tidy URL specifically for your reviews e.g. (while you’re there 😉). And given Google is one of the top credible places to go for reviews and feedback, it makes sense to build a reputation here.

So, I know this isn’t strictly social media related…

But my job is to help people grow their business by becoming more visible and getting them found by their dream customers - and I think this ticks those boxes. Creating and maintaining a GMB presence is something I encourage ALL businesses to do. It’s good for your SEO, good for your brand visibility, great to encourage juicy reviews and put you on the map. Literally.

The best thing is, you don’t even need a website to do this as it registers with your Gmail account. So it’s a great bit of action anyone can take early into their business journey before they’ve got a site set up.

Go forth, and Google! I’m off to update mine, as I’ve just seen how out of date my posts are! If you want a shining example of someone who updates theirs regularly, check out my client Dianne at Lane Ends Podiatry for a bit inspo. And please, let me know how you get on or if you have any questions.

Rock on, Jen x

jen eastwood