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HerStory Number 13 - Nicola Humber

Welcome to number 13 in my HerStory series. This week’s guest is author and Founder of Unbound, Nicola Humber. I’ve follower her for a little while on Instagram and her passion for what she does and supporting women in their journey’s is infectious. She’s an absolute delight and I hope you enjoy reading!

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Nicola, welcome to HerStory! Would you like to introduce yourself and tell me a bit about what you do?

I’m Nicola Humber, author of Heal Your inner Good Girl and UNBOUND: A Guide to Walking the Unbound Path and Becoming Your Fullest, Freest, Most Magnificent Self.

I’m the founder of The Unbound Press and I help women to write the book they’re REALLY here to write, whilst growing a community of soul-family readers.

Which sounds like the most wonderfully glorious job! Where you doing something similar before you started your own business?

Haha! Well you probably won’t believe this, but I worked in finance up until my late thirties. I was a financial planner, following the ‘good girl’ path and stuck in an office 9-5, but I knew that I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. (In fact, my Unbound Self wouldn’t let me!)

So, in 2009 I made the completely intuitive leap (some would say crazy!) to leave my job and retrain as a coach and hypnotherapist. I imagined that would be my last big change, that I’d set up a nice hypnotherapy and coaching practice and that would be the end of my transformational journey. But, of course, that wasn’t the case. Since that initial leap of faith, I met my husband, written two books, moved to another country and set up a publishing imprint. None of that was planned, but it’s all part of walking the unbound path!

What a turn-around and what a journey! I love how walking your unbound path has lead to so many other incredible things. It really does sound there’s a lot of good bits about what you do, but whats the best?

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Getting to hold space for women to share their stories and write from the truest essence of who they are and what they’re here to share. I never planned to be a writing mentor or run a publishing company, so I’m in awe that I get to do this now. When someone hands me their manuscript to take a look at for the first time, it feels like such an honour.

I can’t even begin to think what that must feel like! Why did you choose to follow this path?

To change the world, one book at a time! I know it sounds grandiose, but that’s my mission. The old ways and structures that we’ve lived by are crumbling. They’re restrictive and they just don’t work any more. We need to unbind ourselves from any limiting stories about who and how we should be in the world, so we can live more fully expressed lives.

Each time a woman steps forward to speak her truth and tell her story, it changes the world: both her’s and that of everyone who hears it. That’s my why.

My stomach just flipped and my eyes welled up. There is no more powerful ‘why’. I can imagine with a mission like yours moments of pride happen quite regularly. Is there a particular one that stands out?

I know it should probably be when my books were published, but I was actually most proud when the first Unbound Press book was released into the world. It felt so special to be part of helping a woman who’d been looking for a home for her book for a long time to finally publish it. We’ve just released our second title and there are plenty more to come over the coming months, so I get to be a proud book mama over and over again!

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That sounds pretty incredible. As much as your job sounds pretty perfect, no line of work is without it’s difficulties. What struggles have you had to overcome

Moving beyond my Inner Good Girl and letting go of the need to fit in and be approved of. I’ve struggled with speaking up throughout my life because I was always worried about what others would think of me. When I started my business, I used to overthink EVERYTHING. What shall I call my business? What should I charge? What photo should I use? It used to keep me stuck.

What I’ve realised is that I can’t get it wrong. When I choose to express myself freely and do what feels good for me, yes, some people may not like it, but MY people will love it. That’s been a LONG journey and it’s definitely still a work in progress, but the more I trust my Unbound Self, the more life opens up for me.

Getting in our own way with self doubt and insecurities is probably one of the biggest blocks in being self employed. It’s those limiting beliefs that restrict our growth, but as soon as they’re overcome really open us up to blossoming into who are perfect people need us to be!

We’ll go a bit more lighthearted for the penultimate question, can you give me 3 fun facts about yourself?

1) My husband and I were actually at school together back in the 80’s. I had a HUGE crush on him at the time, but nothing happened and so when we left school we didn’t see each other again for over twenty years. Then back in 2009 he got in touch with me on Facebook and we’ve been together ever since.

2) Although I’m from the UK, I’m now based in Rochester in upstate New York and the locals here think I’m insane because I love to walk everywhere. Most people jump in their cars even for super-short journeys so I’m the crazy English woman who will walk across town just for the fun of it.

3) I wrote my first ‘book’ when I was six. It was called The Wise Owl and my amazing primary school teacher, Mrs Baker, typed it up and made it into a little book complete with my own illustrations. I still have it now. Maybe I’ll publish it one day?

These are really fun! I love the image of you being crazy walking English lady! Finally a song that really gets you fired up for the working day, that I’ll add to our playlist?

Right now it’s Juice by Lizzo. (you can listen to the playlist HERE)

Thank you so much Nicola! It has been absolutely glorious chatting to you!

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If you like the sound of what Nicola is up to, or think she can help you write the book you’ve always wanted, you can check her out

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