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'Little things' mini marketing strategy

Pulling together a marketing strategy can seem daunting, overwhelming or overkill; especially for a small business owner. It takes time, effort and investment of some kind to create these amazing plans and even more to be consistent in delivering the plans to get you the results. So, as business owners we push it to the back of our minds, convincing ourselves it's unnecessary and we keep plodding on doing what we're doing; unintentional, unfocused, and not making the progress we want. Does that sound like you?

I see marketing strategies a little like fitness routines.

I'm currently in the worse state of fitness I have ever been; thank you self-employment and biscuits!

mini marketing series social media rock rose digital shrewsbury

I could go in, "all-in" with a full new routine; gym 5 times a week, daily walks, classes, yoga, home routines, plus changes to my diet and lifestyle. But how scary does all of that change sound?! And realistically, how long will I stick at it? Definitely not long enough to see any sorts of benefits.

And I've been there. Joined the gym a few months ago. Hated it and left within 2 weeks, feeling even further from my results and a failure. But truth is, it just wasn't the process I needed at that time. The only way to get the results I want with my fitness is to find something I can do consistently.

I could have gone back to my VERY consistent lazy biscuit eater role. But of course that would have made things even worst. Inaction is the worst thing anyone can do.

So I've bitten the bullet and opted for something achievable. A 6 week course of yoga, just 1 class a week. Perfect for what I need right now! And when I've proven I can make this little commitment, and I'm feeling good, then I can add in some more and get better results faster.

Mini Marketing Strategy rock rose digital social media freelancer shrewsbury

Why am I telling you all of this? Your marketing is exactly the same. You might not be ready for a big full on strategy (even though it is the best and fastest way to get results), and that's OK. However what you don't want to do is be that lazy biscuit eater when it comes to your business. Doing little things, consistently, can over time lead to big results and they get you feeling more confident and ready to take on more over time.

Here's my recommendations for where to start with a mini-marketing strategy which you can put into action RIGHT NOW

1) Get intentional

Posting and planning with intention, first means you need to get SUPER CLEAR on who you are, who you help and what you're doing on social media.
I want you to do this little exercise with me. Grab a piece of paper and write down what comes to mind :
• What you exchange for money? (products, services, events)
• What makes you distinctive? (experience, qualifications, personality)
• What you stand for and want to be known for? (eco-friendly, helpful, customer service)
• What's your why?
• Basic demographic - Age, gender, location, relationship status, kids, pets, job
• Delve keeper - What's their financial situation, what do they invest in, what inspires them, what troubles them
• The big one - what problems do they have which you solve?
• Do you inform, inspire, entertain or educate in you posts?
• What are your goals for social media?
• How can you use social to help your customers after or between purchases?


2) Foundations First

Now you’ve worked out who you are, what you do and who you want to be talking to, we focus on the foundations of your platforms. ‘Foundations First’ is the approach I have for social media and business in general. You can't build thriving empires if the basics aren't done properly for the big stuff to grow from. It might sound like an obvious thing to do, but I reckon 95% of profiles I come across have bits that are incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent.

Sorting these bits out helps your followers and potential clients know more about you and reduce their points of friction in finding what they need. It also helps the platforms learn more about you, which is only a good thing! It’s all about making things easy for your audience, customers and platforms to get the most from your account. A total no-brainer to spend some time on getting right.


  • Your business name as the name field (not your own, unless that is what your biz is called)

  • Handles the same across all platforms

  • Strong profile picture (logo, head-shot or something obviously you. Remember it's going to be small on a phone so it needs to be clear)

  • Contact information present and correct

  • Location present and correct in the address section (on Insta this is a clickable link taking you to Google Maps. Make the most of it!)

  • What;s your business category? You want this to be as accurate as possible to teach the platforms how and where to recommend you to people and super important for if you do ads. Choose on Facebook from the better list, then go to Instagram. Change your IG account from a business account to personal and back to business again. This will then pull through this new information from Facebook. A little fiddly, so any questions, give me a shout


  • Make the most of that banner to showcase your biz. Do a slide show or video

  • Is your 'About' section REALLY selling you, how you help and why you're amazing? Or is it a boring blurb?


  • Instagram bio - think WHO you help, WHAT you do & HOW you help them

It might seem like a faff. But these are the bits that only need doing once (unless things change). It's all about looking professional and credible - because that's what you are, right!?


3) Super boosters

When you're putting a post live (whether scheduled or native), it's really important to stop, and make sure you've done all you can to make it as visible as possible. Otherwise what's the point!? 

Use these 3 super boosters consistently and little by little they'll build to big wins:

ADD LOCATION : It puts you on a digital map and makes you visible for what's happening in that area (for Facebook, check-in to somewhere)

HASHTAGS: Do your research on ones most relevant to your business and post, use all 30 and make sure you're not using the same ones every time or you'll be marked as spam (Read my blog all about Hashtags for more help with this, it’s old and needs a little refresh but it’s still relevant).

TAGS: tag other accounts into your images. Either customers and clients, brands, anyone relevant to the post.. You can double down on this by tagging them into your caption too so they can't help but engage with you. You never know what opportunities could happen from this! 

Once you add these to your posting process, they'll become second nature and you'll be blooming in no time! It's all about being mindful and intentional with your content and marketing actions. Make the most of each opportunity, aim to be visible, engaged and 'social'. 


Now, are you a brilliant business owner, or a biscuit-eater?

If you liked this blog and would like help making a 'little things' action plan completely bespoke to you, take a look at my social media consultancy audits. These are my small but mighty sessions to help you take immediate, intentional action that’ll get you on the path to building a flourishing community. I have 2 spaces at the end of September and plenty of space the rest of the year. It’d be really lovely to work with you.

Rock on, Jen x

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