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Social Media Management

Finding juggling your business at the same time as marketing it is one too many plates spinning? Don't have enough time to give it your best efforts? Or is it giving you a headache and you could do without?

Let us be your rescue remedy! We're strategic in our approach, creative in our ideas and all-encompassing in ensuring a consistent message is being delivered to your followers.

We understand how difficult it can be to outsource any element of your business - especially the one element most in the public eye. We'll work with you to devise the perfect strategy. Nothing happens without your full understanding and sign-off. We'll show our thought process and keep our work completely transparent so you know EXACTLY what to expect. No nasty surprises!

Once we take on-board a new social media management client, we recommend 2-3 weeks before we'll even think about asking for your login details. We take the time at the start of our journey to fully understand all elements of your business, build all the information we need and create a bank of content to implement. This means we can really hit the ground running when we go LIVE!

Prices from £450 per month

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What platforms do we look after?

We can manage accounts on all major platforms:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest


Our process 

What can you expect when we manage your social media?

Getting started

Meetings will establish objectives and goals as well as give us the chance to fully understand every facet of your business and clientele

Content writing

Next up we'll start drafting up what we're going to be saying to your followers, how we're going to say it, and what hashtags are best

research and development

Audits of your current offering as well as research of your competition will give us a clear indication of the scope of work needed

Design work

From here we'll know what product imagery is needed. We'll create bespoke branded graphics and obtain any photography needed 

strategic planning

From all of this information we devise a comprehensive plan of action for you to sign off. This will be revisited quarterly

going live

Only once you are completely happy do we ask for your login details. Here, we take the reigns and keep you updated on our on-going work

Then what?

We're really results driven, so once you're live we keep an eye on all of the data we receive. Not only do we 're-invest' this data to strength future campaigns but we share it with you, enabling you to learn more about your customers and implement this across other areas of your business.

We refresh strategies on a quarterly basis, in-line with seasonality, events, trends, and updates. This gives us time to also plan for any events, promotions and competitions you may wish to run.

Our remit isn't restricted to the strategy we've put together. We'll always be on-hand for guidance and support with anything else business related, should you need it. 


I was looking for another brick and mortar business with insight in to digital marketing. Securing RRD’s consulting talent has been and continues to be inspiring.
— Dianne Ashcroft, Owner lane ends podiatry


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