Rock Rose Digital, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.




I’ve been very lucky to work with some absolutely wonderful clients and brands so far. From local Shropshire businesses, other one-woman-brands, a national franchise and an international life coach & author. Here’s a few of the lovely words they’ve had to say about working with me.

Jacqueline Gold sharing a testimonial of Shrewsbury social media marketing company Rock Rose Digital

Jacqueline Gold, CBE, CEO Ann summers

“Rock Rose Digital provides freelance digital marketing services, specialising in social media and copy writing. Jen’s commitment to bringing a personal touch to her company ensures her clients feel more like part of a family than just a business relationship”

Feedback from Jacqueline after awarding Rock Rose Digital with her coveted #WOW award

Andy Johnson, Head of Marketing, Jetts UK

“Already Rock Rose Digital’s creative skills have had a huge impact on our campaigns; transforming, streamlining and strengthening our digital efforts”

I worked with Jetts UK on shaping the Instagram account for their flagship gym in the UK, creating brand focused social media guides, as well as writing and deploying email and text marketing campaigns.

Jetts UK sharing their testimonial with Rock Rose Digital, Digital Marketing freelance agency


Antje Kiewell, Soar-Learning

“Rock Rose Digital has been writing stellar content for my new initiative Soar-Learning on LinkedIn. What I like the most is how Jen can adapt her tone of voice and story-telling to different audiences. She is a great listener, quick on her feed and super easy to work with, no question is ever too much. Can't recommend her higher, such a great addition to my team.”

I am working with Antje on an on-going basis, managing her Linked-In presence - personal, Company Page and Soar Learning Community. I write articles and topical content around her online Masterclasses, on subjects I’m incredibly passionate about.

Karen Turnock, Horsebox Bar 65

“Within a couple of hours Jen helped me to have a deeper understanding of how different social media accounts operate. Offering hints and tips to better manage everyday activities and saving time was appreciated. Definitely would recommend Rock Rose Digital - thank you again!”

I had a gorgeous one-off consultation with Karen, taking a deep dive on her mobile bar business and helping her maximise the use of her beautiful content across her social media channels

horsebox bar 65.png

Lane Ends Podiatry.jpg

Dianne Ashcroft, Lane Ends Podiatry

“Jen is my go to person for all things digital marketing, she knows her stuff and stays bang up to date on movements and changes. This means she can advise and direct my business effectively and is mindful of the local pulse “

I have a long-term and on-going consultancy relationship with Dianne, building her online presence and helping to establish her as a leader in her industry


“Rock Rose Digital really helped me get to grips with Facebook. As a social media nerd I thought I was managing OK, but there were so many little things that I was missing out on that have really helped the business move in the right direction. Highly recommended”

Kim came to me having only joined Facebook a few months earlier to help grow her new business. I tailored our social media consultation completely to her beginner skill level, focusing on the one platform she was already comfortable with. Now, she’s branched out into Instagram and is receiving a increase in bookings for her classes

blue moon yoga.jpg

Karen HB.jpg

KAren HB photography

“I took the Content Creation workshop with Rock Rose Digital because I was struggling with ideas for what to say and how to caption my posts. I came away completely inspired. Not only did Jen give us some very personalised worksheets (incredibly useful) she had clearly put some thought into our own businesses and was full of ideas. I highly recommend her. She is very thorough and clearly knows her area”

Karen was a delightful attendee at my first Content Creation Workshop, who really appreciated the personal help on caption writing within the course

sophie rey yoga, massage & illustration

“Rock Rose Digital came to my rescue when I was struggling to put together a recent advertisement for my massage business. In no time at all Jen had created something concise and simple, yet still eye catching and informative. Very easy to work with and talk to and an amazing understanding of how best to advertise for your business!”

Sophie came to me needing a quick turnaround on promotional material she was creating. I quickly set to write the words for her flier, adapting her tone of voice and focusing on the benefits to her customers

Sophie Rey.jpg

being nutrition.jpg

Sarah summers, Being Nutrition

“Thanks so much Jen, I had a great day working with you today, my mind is buzzing now! I’ve already started playing and taking action! “

I spent the day working with Sarah (and her pooch, Dusty) in a one-to-one consultation, guiding her on her social media and getting her ready for the launch of her new nutritional therapy business.