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Tutorials & Workshops

One of our favourite parts about doing what we do, is helping to take the nerdy stuff and put it into real life relatable English. What's knowledge if it can't be shared and used to empower others? Our tutorials and workshops aim to arm you with tools to understand more about your customers and grow your business with easy to follow tips and tricks.


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Offered on a 1-2-1 basis or in small groups, I go back to basics with social media making sure you're getting the most from your online efforts. This could be great for your in-house social media manager in need of a bit of an update to their skills, or if as a business owner you do everything yourself and need a steer in the right direction. Or, you might not need social media for business, but personally want to understand social media more to keep in touch with friends and family, or to get involved in a project.

As much as possible, these are tailored to your business, industry and current skill level, so you can instantly implement the tips and tricks taught. Whatever your needs, aims and goals, these will be focused on and the tutorial will be steered towards achieving these.


These are aimed at larger groups of folk with mixed social media abilities, using a hands-on approach to broadening knowledge. This service is ideal for networking groups, colleges, new entrepreneur training sessions and so much more. 

With a more generalised delivery, this allows attendees to think creatively and objectively about their own social media offering whether for business or personally. There'll with windows of opportunity to live implement our suggested tweaks with an open Q&A to finish.

We really aim to make this as fun, interactive and engaging as possible, with limited jargon or buzzwords; to make social media something accessible to anyone!

Prices from £60

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What topics do we run tutorials and workshops on?

Generalised social media

Overarching knowledge of social media, going through each platform in turn, their differences, quirks, and how they're best used

Personal skills

Maybe you don't have your own business, but you don't want to be left behind? We'll gently guide you, proving social media isn't something to be scared of

platform specific

Here we focus on just one chosen platform. We'll get more involved in the workings of it and how to get the best from it

Digital self care

With social media usage is on the rise, so are mental health problems, especially in the younger generation. This as our first aid kit for digital self care 

business specific

Focusing attention specifically your business' social media platforms, we'll bring your skill set up to date and make it relevant

SOmething else?

If you've got an idea for a course that you'll like us to develop and present for you, let us know and we'll happily curate something new for you


I couldn’t recommend working with RRD highly enough - their attention to detail and openness to communicate ideas and solutions is second to none.
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